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July 31 - August 4 2024

Are you ready to have your heart and mind blown?


Join us for a few days of wonder and discovery in Bucharest, a city on the edge of cultures. We invite you to take part in a series of brain-challenging discussions and activities, all the while being immersed in the atmosphere of a city that can only be described as diverse and complex. Will you feel the nostalgic Belle Epoque atmosphere of Little Paris, or be overwhelmed by the oppressive vibe of communist architecture? Is that a vampire or a regular nightlife apparition? We won’t tell you, but join us and you can find out. Let your curiosity guide you through a fusion of meanings, experiences and challenges at EMAG 2024!

A gathering of hundreds of Mensans from all over Europe and the world will take part in a cavalcade of activities to discover Bucharest’s culture, architecture, cuisine, and innovation. 

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned EMAG participant, you’ll be among friends here. We’ll make sure you always find something to do and people to connect with. 

Look around the website, find what excites you, and join the voices that make up the Forum of Cultures!